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Tim Ream USA Jersey
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Ways To Verify China Suppliers Ways To Verify China Suppliers June 18 William Yarbrough USA Jersey , 2012 | Author: eugeryan | Posted in Business
People are constantly doing business with people that they are familiar with especially when they are conducting their business internationally. Much the same as when you are looking for a job in job marketing, networking and referrals are the ways that get people get hired. To find a supplier in China, you will have to do as much research as possible, determine the people that you know and enquire if they have any reliable connections in China. However, here is some ways to verify China suppliers.

Use trade shows to meet supplier in China.
From beginning to end these trade shows usually last between three and seven days. However, for the exhibitioners Walker Zimmerman USA Jersey , it takes a minimum of two weeks to prepare for a trade show. Some of the businesses will take a month preparing for a trade show. This all depends on the number of products that are on display at a particular trade show. These agents of manufacturers are serious to their business and very reliable. You canít go wrong if you find your China supplier in a trade show. After youíve found the product or China supplier that you like, you can begin to plan a visit to China and meet your supplier in person.

Establish a personal relationship with your supplier in China.
Once you have found a supplier that meets your requirements, you should visit the Chinese factories by visiting your supplier in China to discuss the details about the products that you want to purchase in person including the time of delivery, an inspection for quality, the payment terms, and the price of the product.

Verify your supplier in China through telephone calls and correspondence.
Contact your supplier in China by calling them directly if you can speak the language Ventura Alvarado USA Jersey , by emailing them, or through correspondence. If you canít speak the language most of the suppliers in China have people on their staff to handle the problems with their language.

For example, if you want them to offer you a price for a particular product on a 30 ft. container at FOB South China, a supplier who is reliable will enquire about some details about your product prior to providing the price. These details include the delivery time, the method of payment, the condition of the packaging Timothy Chandler USA Jersey , and a description of the product. Since all these factors will affect the price of the product, the price that is provided is the last transaction in the process and the most serious. By dealing with the supplier in China directly you should get a good feel of how reliable they are. If the price for the product is significantly lower than average or the supplier in China promises you the world they are probably scammers. Simply ignore them and proceed to the next supplier.

If you donít have any relationships or connections in China look online at www.globalsources. This website has 44 branch offices located in Singapore, Taiwan, and mainland China. It has its headquarters located in Hong Kong. For more than 36 years this website has been running import export media company. Although it may take up a considerable amount of your time, you should begin your research here. However, itís less risky and considered relatively safe since the suppliers in China must pay an expensive fee to be a member of Global Sources. In other words Tim Ream USA Jersey , the suppliers in China choose to pay these high fees since they are very serious about their business.

If yourí not a volume importer look online at and www.made-in-china. These leading trade websites are becoming ever increasing better with their services on the Internet. You should be able to determine who is reliable by asking them anything that you want to know by corresponding them with emails as well as searching the products that the supplier is offering. Remember that this website has free membership and everybody can post their goods to buy or sell without having any of their products in their hands. Therefore, the risk is somewhat higher.

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