Author Topic: There are other coins out there like Pesobit, why create a new one?  (Read 30 times)


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There are hundreds of coins being created for the very reason that bitcoin has its flaws as mentioned in the previous answer but Pesobit still has edge over them in the way their being mined or staked. But the primary reason why Pesobit is being created is because services will be created that will support the Filipino people. Other coins are just simply being created for the purpose of being traded in an exchange, be used in gambling and other minor usage. Pesobit will focus on usage that Filipino people will benefit on. Foreign companies are creating bitcoin-centered services for the same reason that they see the need in providing a faster, easier and cheaper mode of sending money. While bitcoin transfer is very cheap making it a good alternative versus the current systems like remittance companies and other virtual cash services, these companies requires to operate at a profit while Pesobit is not.